Fashion Crowd Funding Platform enhanced by AI and Blockchain

Now consumers can transform from simple customers to partners.
Silkroad is a crowdfunding platform on blockchain that connects designers and end user through social network and helps in successful launching of new fashion projects.

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Business Model

Using Silkroad anyone can create a new project, and by connecting with other people's projects will create a new world. Silkroad in itself will become a living breathing existence and ecosystem.

Silkroad platform


Silk Road utilizes a high-quality platform and e-commerce process to provide easy and fast service for many users to connect quickly with consumers, investors and buyers.

Silkroad Services Silkroad Services

Service Benefit

Consumer(Small Investor)

  • 0110~30% discount Chance and First Priority Pre-Order
  • 02Fashion Show, Various Events Granting Priority for Participation
  • 03Rewards(coin) for Online Marketing


  • 01Identification and suggestion of Investment Patterns through AI Algorithm
  • 02Inverstment items with wide range of profit rates
  • 03Check investment results through open fair/transparent sales history


  • 01Trading information about Various fashion items from major brands to indie brands
  • 02Check items by visiting Show Room and business consultation in one’s native language (interpretation, translation)
  • 03Identify target market by reports on consumer behavior and investment statistics


In 2018, numerous projects, businesses, sales, technology providers, and ba-sic service providers and investors will participate in the SLKROAD platform.

July 2018

  • The founder meets the developer and begins to build distributed applications and web platform builds.
  • White papers are available in English and Korean.

August 2018

  • Defining and initial development of back-end structure of SLKROAD platform
  • Front-end initial development of UI design and application and website platform
  • Team building (block-chain developers, front-end developers, back-end developers, sales and marketing staff, iOS and Android developers and web developers)

September 2018

  • The first pre-sale for 6 weeks (10% of total amount of issued) 2018/10/10 - Early completion

November 2018

  • Started development of SLKROAD platform

December 2018

  • Community Beta Test
  • Listing on the Exchange(Oct. 23 Listed on the Cashierest Exchange)
  • Contact Crowdfunding Company

May 2019

  • Silkroad service launch and marketing
  • Promotional activities to develop partnerships within fashion industry
  • Corporate investment attraction
  • Silkroad promotion and supplier (designer) attraction
  • Domestic distribution network configuration
  • Building Blockchain System
  • Building B2B, B2C trading system
  • Negotiations with On-/Offline shops

2020 ~

  • On Feb., Additional development of the platform and V.2 release of SLKROAD
  • Overseas expansion


Q1 When will the coin be created?
The coin is already created.
Q2 When are coins distributed?
Users get coins immediately after making payment in ETH.
Q3 What is the ICO price of 1 SLK coin?
During the 1st presale, the price of 1 coin is 5 KRW.
Q4 How can I participate in Silkroad ICO?
After registration, you can send ETH to the created wallet address.
Q5 How are clothes manufactured on the Silkroad platform?
Designers, registered on the Silkroad platform, can use existing infrastructure or use manufacturing services offered by Silkroad.
Q6 When will the Silkroad platform be released?
We plan to launch service in the 2Q 2019.
Q7 Do you have an official chatting group?
Silkroad official Telegram:
Q8 How transactions are realized on the platform?
Coins are exchanged for the points, which are used for transactions on the platform. Such transactions do not require GAS fee. GAS fee occurs only in case of transactions on the exchange and between individuals.
Q9 Are there any countries that cannot participate in Silkroad ICO?
After registration and phone verification, anyone can participate in the ICO.
Q10 I got an error while buying Silkroad coins.
If you leave the details in the official group, our admin will contact you.

Mobile Wallet

Use SILKROAD Wallet for safe and convenient SLK and ETH transactions.