YMAX, Indonesia Silkroad Project Positive Cooperation

<Image provided by GP Communications>
YMAX, which runs the blockchain-based fashion platform 'SILKROAD' project, announced on 21st that it signed a business agreement with 'International Trade Association of Aceh Darussalam' in Indonesia.

As a result of this agreement, YMAX Co., Ltd. is participating in the construction of e-government system for the administration of Aceh province government with Aceh Darussalam International Trade Association by utilizing the technology of blockchain developed and possessed at YMAX.

The two companies will actively collaborate on the Silkroad project, a blockchain-based fashion platform promoted by YMAX. They have agreed to cooperate when Silkroad enters Indonesia.

The Silkroad project connects the ecosystem by recording key information such as manufacturing, distribution, etc. of many fashion companies, services, designers, and fashion goods in different areas in a blockchain, analyzes rapid fashion trends, and plans to provide a global marketplace for new designers.

In the fashion digital platform ecosystem that Silkroad wants to create, there will be a number of 'participants' who run fashion-related businesses such as fashion manufacturers, fashion companies, retailers, buyers, academies and consumers, or other fashion data users.

"The Silkroad project will build a diverse and unique design-based fashion ecosystem," said an official from Silkroad. "With the help of the International Trade Association of Aceh Darussalam, we plan to make an active presence in Indonesia."

[Source: Global Economy Times]