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Excerpt from "September 15~21 Blockchain News"

September 15~21 Blockchain News

YMAX launches Silkroad project for fashion chain based on blockchain

Signed a business agreement with Aceh Darussalam International Trade Association of Indonesia. Utilizing the technology of the blockchain developed and possessed by YMAX, it participates in the construction of the e-government system throughout the administration of the Aceh government. In addition, the two companies will actively cooperate with the Silkroad project, a blockchain based fashion platform promoted by YMAX.

The Silkroad project links key information such as fashion companies, services, designers, and manufacturing and distribution of fashion goods in different areas to the ecosystem by recording them in a blockchain. We will analyze fashion trends and provide global marketplace through various new designers.

| Signing contract with Indonesia's 'Aceh Darussalam International Trade Association’

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