This is a guide to changes to the airdrop compensation event due to difficulties in the silk coin procedure. 

I would like to reward many investors in the most reasonable way, but inform you that this is an inevitable decision due to the difficulty of co-operation of the exchange.

It will change to the way you paid for the holders over 3 days after moving to SilkRoad wallet from today.
1. Period : 2018.11.29 ~ 2018.12.04
2. Target : cashierest Member
3. Merchandise : 50% additional payment of the hold SLK
4. Certification process : Over 3 days of silk road wallet until 11 a.m. on December 4(Coin limited to cashierest -to-silk wallet until 11a.m on December 1)
5. Rewards: Payable in sequential order starting December 6

[How to participate]
① Subscribe to Silk Road: http://www.slkrod.com

② My Page> Token Wallet Address Copy

③ Move the coin from the cashierest to the silk purse(You can move your silk wallet address after registering it as your withdrawal address)